Monday, July 8, 2013

GMOs And The Pursuit Of Profit Without Scruple

SEE HERE I'm a free market capitalist with a commitment to objective morality. Manipulating the genes of natural creatures with a sublime ignorance of the long term consequence is morally and technically irresponsible. Part of the reason it is done is to achieve economic advantage and to actually produce patented materials so you can control the market. The difficulty is that gene manipulation is not something that is fully understood. What are the collateral side effects of introducing a foreign gene into a living organism. We know that most random gene modifications are deleterious to the organism itself. We don't know what secondary or tertiary consequences a gene manipulation might have so this kind of thing is a shot in the dark. It's done not so much for improvement but for mere profit so it is like playing roulette with the whole earth ecosystem. It would not be so bad if the result could be easily contained if it went wrong but it would be very difficult to contain because genes propagate. All for profit with reckless disregard for most other factors. MORE

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