Friday, July 26, 2013

What Do You Think Of The Snowden Affair?

SEE HERE  This is a thoughtful piece from Personal Liberty Digest on the Edward Snowden affair.  I'm inclined to think Snowden did us all a big favor by exposing the extent of the surveillance state.  Since his revelation we've found a lot of other things to be concerned about.  Why the government needs to spy on its own citizens to the degree it has been revealed that they do is problematical.  I'd far prefer they spend their time looking at enemies instead of making the entire population candidates for enemy status.  Do you trust the government?  I'll be quite frank and up front — I don't trust the government.  They have over and over again shown themselves to be unworthy of trust.  The government is too big, too bureaucratic, too devoted to unconstitutional activities, and increasingly totalitarian.  It may have already gone too far to be restored to constitutional liberties and if so it is a very sad thing.  We may well be on the trajectory of every other free government which became finally a tyranny and then collapsed.

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