Monday, July 29, 2013

Automation 101

SEE HERE  Well the Farm-Bots are coming to do harvesting tasks that now migrant workers do.  In the long run this is a win win since farm work is laborious and low paid.  It is the character of automation to replace relatively repetitive and low cognition requirement work with machines starting with the cotton gin which likely as much as anything else contributed to the freeing of the slaves.  It transfers many low paid menial jobs out of existence while bringing into existence technical design, construction, and operational jobs that are typically more highly paid.  Ultimately the pay anyone can command for their work is based on the productivity of the work and its value.  You can't pay people more than that without losing money and even if you live in a slave economy you can't take care of the laborers better than the resources that they produce command in the market.  The Liberals have a way of ignoring the economic realities of things living as they do in a delusional world where reality is a dirty word.  Reality = Truth is the first principle the Liberals can't seem to grasp which is why they run down truth so often.  "What difference does it make?"

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