Friday, July 12, 2013

The Jobs Numbers Game — Government Lying With Statistics

SEE HERE  This kind of thing just torques me beyond belief.  We just want honest government not this disgusting politicized one-ups-manship game that our elected "leaders" are playing.  The Democrat economic policy isn't even rationale and it has the effect of destroying real jobs and actually seriously hurting the economy.  But instead of correcting their procedures taking into account the truth of things they decide to fudge the statistics.  That is the action of an intentional liar that is committed to an agenda regardless of the truth.  Nothing could be more dishonest but that's what we get nowadays from government: dishonesty, policies that seem more motivated to destroy the economy than to recover it, systematic disinformation to conceal reality from the citizens, and on-going politicalization of every dimension of reality with virtually every government agency being recruited to impose more and more regulations with less and less real motivation.  If you don't think we live in a tyranny, don't worry, just wait because it just keeps getting worse.  We'll be there soon.  Tyranny Rising!

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