Monday, July 22, 2013

Ayn Rand Demonstrably Prescient

SEE HERE  I'm not all that much of an Ayn Rand fan.  I've read her stuff when I was twenty something and I thought part of it was great and part of it was immoral but the reaction against collectivism was right-on!  I don't know what the appeal of collectivism really is.  It doesn't work.  It hasn't work anywhere.  It destroys and creates a situation that is hard to come back from.  Yet still people cling to it and I suppose it must be because delusions are more appealing than reality sometimes.  It's hard work to prosper even today.  You're lucky you don't live long ago.  It was even harder then.  Today by the standards of yesteryear people hardly work at all.  But they still complain and whine and want something, everything for nothing.  Sorry but life doesn't work that way and the more delusional you are in trying to make it work that way the more horrified you will be when reality actually knocks on your door.  Detroit is not the only city likely to go this way if things continue.  People can stand around pointing fingers in every direction but at themselves and it won't help.  The only thing that helps is productive work.  If you don't know how then now is the time to learn.

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