Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hatch Effect? — More Like The Politicians Are Liars Effect

SEE HERE  This is a cautionary tale of betrayal.  There are a lot of politicians who specialize in being convincing liars.  In fact there seems to be a Washington D.C. effect that transforms otherwise honest men and women into accomplished liars in rather short order after they reach the capitol.  Why is this?  I'm tempted to just say with Lord Acton: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  But I do think it is more than that. 

Politics is the art of compromise or so I think Aristotle suggested.  Part of the problem here is that compromise has received a new and liberal definition.  Compromise used to mean finding a mutually satisfactory position.  Under the usual liberal distortion field compromise has come to mean giving in to the liberals so that the liberals are satisfied and your constituents are not harmed as much as they might be otherwise.  Unfortunately that is not compromise but rather surrender by degrees.  It's been going on so long that the liberals have designated it bipartisanship.  It's time to man-up and recognize that this form of "compromise" is really surrender and we need to focus on restoring a true sense of compromise and taking back the discourse.

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