Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Racism As It Actually Exists

SEE HERE  Black on White racism is the real problem in America.  The black leadership has spent so much time indoctrinating the black population with victimhood that they've deeply implanted what is plain and simple black on white racism.  Any interaction between a white person and a person of color (don't you just love all the euphemisms that have been generated?) ends up being called racism if the encounter doesn't go the way the person of color wants.  This is a total victim mentality and goes a long way to explain why the black population continue to be more dependent than the rest of the population.  Every other racially profiled and discriminated against population has over time blended into the American culture and achieved and many black people have as well.  But a large number have bought into the dependency narrative and instead of standing up and getting on they play the race card over and over like a broken record.  This fuels belligerence and anger that while actually unmotivated comes out in irrational actions like this one where black mobs attack innocent people. 

weighs in on exactly this issue.  This came floating into my email after I'd posted the above, but he includes some interesting statistics.  We need to stop playing the race card on all sides of the issue and start emphasizing personal growth, initiative, virtue, honor, and principles.  If you want a just and equitable society you have to work for it with goodness and not constantly denigrate others and pretend that you're virtuous and they are evil.  (Yeah I know that my position is that Democrats are evil ... but I base that on what they support and not blind prejudice.  Obviously all of any category are unlikely to match any particular predicate but insofar as Democrats support abortion (murder), the gay agenda (immoral behavior), income redistribution (stealing), and government excessive regulation (compulsion/strong arming) I think the predicate evil applies.)  If your mileage differs you should at least examined the underlying rationale of your beliefs.  I'd be happy to take you on.

PSEUDORACISM as Media Pornography: The Zimmerman Trial.

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