Monday, July 22, 2013

The Tragedy Of The Schools — Rampant Ignorance Of Almost Everything Significant

SEE HERE  The state of education in the United States has led us to this place and it is not because the children are not exposed to enough hours of eduction or that not enough money is spent on education but it is due to a failure to understand what education truly is.  We live in a society that views education as an accumulation of facts and mostly facts of no particular interest, applicability, or future value.  That is a double fail because it means that not only do the children tend to come out uneducated but they also come out largely immune from future education, smug little people who think they know it all (they've been told how special they are all their lives so that specialness is separated from any objective achievement) and they seem unable to handle the discovery that it isn't true.

The solution is to go back to what actually works.  But that included tossing over all the modern gobbledegook that has created the problem in the first place and return to classical models of education that really did work and sustained Western civilization for millenia.  Luckily we have the home schoolers in our midst who have given up on the system and are striking out on their own.  We need more of them.

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