Friday, July 19, 2013

Green Energy? Joke Of The Century And We've Just Started

SEE HERE  Green energy is just a ploy to divert government funds to unprofitable and never profitable so-called energy initiatives.  They end up looking more like a way to fund hangers on and cheat the taxpayer.  There needs to be some deep investigation of this whole fraudulent area.  The environmental wackos who all together can't assemble a brain have been pushing these things on the basis of pipedreams.  Wind power and solar are not reliable power sources.  They have too much variability so they just end up being ancillary power but for the real thing you still need that nuclear or oil or coal fired plant or in some areas hydro-electric.  And the cost premium for this unreliable ancillary power source is appreciable.  We need to demand hard numbers and stop funding delusions.

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