Thursday, July 25, 2013

Racism 101: Editing Truth To Fit The Narrative

SEE HERE  The fact of the matter is that racism in the United States is largely a figment of liberal imagination.  I don't mean that there is no racism only that it is mostly the racism of the black community and the press.  Thomas Sowell who ought to be fairly expert on the subject as he's written books about it talks about it today.  Ann Coulter HERE also talks about the racism that makes it dangerous for black people to stand up and just tell the truth because of the pressure to never say anything bad about the black community.  Now that's racism's effect on the black community, not white racism but the maintenance of the racism narrative.  The media, brainwashed and delivered by years of schooling in the indoctrination centers we call the university system just salute the prevailing Zeitgeist and howl "racism" at every opportunity even to the point of distorting the narrative.  It's disgusting, dishonest, and does a disservice to all.  But that's the narrative and we're sticking to it because we're mindless robots, speaking from the point of view of the liberal left.

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