Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Exceptionally Incompetent President Is The Only Exceptionalism In Washington

SEE HERE  The president suffers from delusional narcissism.  He really thinks that he is exceptional, but mysteriously doesn't appreciate that it isn't the exceptionalism that he imagines.  What he is, is exceptionally incompetent.  His incompetence arises finally from an inability to acknowledge reality.  He is trapped in a delusional structure created by his upbringing and his hatred for America and what he thinks it stands for due to the propaganda he was fed as he grew up.  He is a creature of privilege but pretends to be one of the downtrodden.  He puts the military in harms way and denies them even a modicum of respect.  He is not truly American because he does not share the American dream or the American idea.  He wants to fundamentally transform America into a pale reflection of itself and impose a kind of dictatorial socialism which is at heart the communism he was brought up idealizing.

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