Friday, October 25, 2013

Never Give Up ... Never ... Never ... Never Give Up

SEE HERE  Good advice from Winston Churchill in the middle of the most devastating war in history.  We are today engaged in another war, a war for the minds and hearts of the young and to stave off the victory, long delayed, of the socialist, communist, collectivist, so-called liberal leftists styled progressives which seek to destroy the republic the Founders built.  They cloak their endeavor with all kinds of euphonious labels to conceal the real intent.  Meanwhile the children are dumbed down, propagandized, and we lose our freedoms on the incremental decay plan one small loss at a time blamed on whatever seems the most reasonable suspect to attack: big Corporations, greedy Wall Street Bankers, racists, the Tea Party, and so on ... George Bush did it!  When the smiling faces behind the insidious effort is the left, all along, pervasive, creeping forward enlisting the gullible and always smiling as they insert the knife ever deeper twisting it and smiling as the republic fails.

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