Thursday, October 17, 2013

ObamaCare Is The Disaster But Big Government Is The Disease

What was broken that ObamaCare pretends to be fixing? It's just another case of government posturing as a solution. First they have to have a problem. To make the problem government generally provides an earlier "solution" which "solved" a non-problem and made a worse one. It's what I call the government two-step. It has grown like a contagious disease and eroded our freedom and our treasure. Economists know that government produces nothing. So Peter is robbed to pay Paul which generally gains Paul's approval and hampers Peter's ability to be productive. Paul works less because he doesn't have to. Peter meanwhile can't expand his business or hire new workers or expand his own income and so he's also disincentivized. The economy slows. Multiplied by millions the government hurts rather than helps the American people posturing the whole time about how they saved the day. Well they didn't. They just made things worse. People don't realize that pretty much across the board people were better off in the 1950s before all this nonsense than they are today.

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