Friday, October 25, 2013

The Best Governor Money Can Buy! The Smearing Of Cuccinelli

SEE HERE  Money talks and big money talks loudly.  But it doesn't necessarily talk honestly.  The fact of the matter is that Virginia is an important state for the Democrats to win and they have pulled out all the stops, truth be damned, to elect Terry McAuliffe.  Never mind that it is all a pack of exaggerations and lies.  Since when did lying bother a liberal.  Bill Clinton was once described by one of his own party's elected officials as "The best liar I've ever seen."  Well Terry McAuliffe has had an effective mentor then having been a fund raiser for the Clintons he's seen how lying really works well.  It worked for Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Barack Obama is the poster boy for a Democrat who can't open his mouth without telling a lie.  So why should anyone be surprised?  The disturbing thing is that with such blatant lying going on noone seems to care about whether it is true or not.  Now that is really disturbing.  Does truth not matter any more?  Really?  Truth is another name for reality and those that live in a world of lie are deluded.  It can't end well.

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