Monday, October 21, 2013

Thuggish Government Or What You Might Call Extortion Used As Punishment For Criticism

SEE HERE  How dare you criticize our Narcissist In Charge ... the NIC is Almighty and Eric Holder is his prophet or is that puppet?  The Department of Justice is being used as the enforcement group of a Chicago style protection racket.  There are a lot of banks that had problems with the Democrat inspired housing bubble ... why was J P Morgan singled out?  Aren't they too big to fail too?  The American people need to wise up and get the government out of the business of dictating results and rewarding people they like (those that donate and give them graft to feed their corruption) and punishing people they don't like (that that criticize and actually call them on their malfeasance).  I'm no shill for J P Morgan but if you're going to start taking heads there are a lot of heads in line in front of J P Morgan.

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