Friday, October 18, 2013

Lies Lies Lies ... As Far As The Eye Can See

SEE HERE Top Ten Lies About The Shutdown? This is but a small measure of the endless lies we are being fed. It's tragic. Not a statesman to be found and a government dominated by the special interests of the political elite. How tragic for freedom and the future! Here are the top ten lies:

1. We just dodged a nearly fatal economic bullet.
2. The American public was heavily against the conservative wing of the GOP.
3. This chapter has been ruinous for GOP chances for the Senate in 2014.
4. This chapter has been ruinous for the Republican presidential field in 2016.
5. This was horrible for the grassroots.
6. Ted Cruz is damaged goods.
7. The defund effort was a waste of time.
8. America was inflamed about the government slowdown.
9. It is too late for primary challenges to some of the offenders who enabled this useless deal.
10. Next year’s budget and debt ceiling battles are just going to end the same way.

These are what the left wants you to believe but the reality is that the grassroots, at least of the Republican party are pretty angry with what they see as the failed leadership and unprincipled behavior of their establishment whether it be their Congress-people, the RNC or here in Virginia the RPV.

For more commentary on the ten lies or perhaps myths just read the story on the SEE HERE link.

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