Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Obama Really Just A "Progressive" Of The Old School

SEE HERE The ideas of the Progressives seems to me to simply be an excuse to increase the power of the central government. Those nasty ole states are just too inefficient and slow and frankly uncooperative. We who are the wise and anointed ones who see all, know all, can plan all, for you and your posterity need to be freed of all these limitations such as the wicked old out of date Constitution imposes. After all we'd never do anything but what is good for you. You should know that. Look at all the money we've extracted (stolen) from the rich (they don't deserve it just because they earned it) and we're going to give it to you ... (well after we've take a very large cut to pay for the 'system' and pay off our associates and ourselves) What could go wrong?

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