Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Despicable — There's No Other Word For It

SEE HERE  If you ever wondered what kind of person Barack Obama was you need look no further than his handling of the shutdown.  He has acted in every case in a fashion designed to spread the pain as widely as possible to punish the American people and especially those that ought to be punished least, our veterans who have sacrificed the most for our freedoms.  I find his action so despicable that they finally zero out whatever small respect I had for him.  He's demonstrated himself to be lower than the low, slimier than the slimiest, and a ultimate parasite.  He plays gold and goes on multimillion dollar vacations while striving all the time to take down the United States.  That's a traitor pure and simple and I just wonder how long it will take the citizens to figure it out.

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