Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thomas Sowell Outs Race Hustling

SEE HERE Thomas Sowell gets around. He's old enough to remember that things were not always worse in the past even for those who are discriminated against. I know personally some of these Asian immigrants who have knuckled down and made the American dream work for them. Instead of embracing victimhood as preached by the usual suspects, they just worked hard and focused on their personal success and made amazing progress.

One Chinese man I met in Minnesota talked with me in his restaurant about how he had come to own a nice Chinese restaurant. He had come over as a young married man and lived in what was almost a closet saving every cent he made until he saved enough to pay to bring his wife over. Then the two of them worked hard and created a small business which grew over time into an excellent Chinese restaurant.

That's fairly typical. Hard work and initiative over time translates into success. As Winston Churchill said:"Never give up. Never... Never... Never give up." We're not teaching kids that these days and it shows. They quit almost before they've begun.  PART II of RACE HUSTLING

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