Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Need A Change, A Big Change

SEE HERE  Business as usual won't cut it anymore.  We are on a cusp of history, a tipping point as pundits are wont to say.  On one side of this divide is the loss of liberty and a beginning of the long trek downward into tyranny which typified many earlier sequences in history.  On the other side of the cusp is a return to the vision of the Founders of a Constitutional Republic, a government of laws and not men, a government of distributed powers with only certain limited and fundamentally central power awarded to a central authority.  The authoritarians and collectivists have chipped away at the vision of liberty for over a century and they have now whittled it down so that most people don't even know what the vision was and can no longer articulate it.  They have conditioned the populace to expect someone else to take care of them, in the process draining away personal responsibility and virtue which alone makes a free state possible.  "A republic ma'am if you can keep it" is what Dr. Franklin said.  We have not been good stewards and the republic is clearly in great danger.  You should become involved for the only thing standing between you and slavery is your failure to resist.

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