Monday, October 21, 2013

Racists? Who Are They? Take A Look!

SEE HERE  Didn't know this was in the law did you?  Is this even Constitutional?  Racism is doing things that are based on the myth that race makes a difference.  The differences might be imagining that one race is more industrious than another, or smarter, or more or less skilled in various ways.  Then segregation is separating people based on race to deliver services in a selection and racially dictated manner.  Well ObamaCare is racist!  Since only DemonRATS were involved in its production I suppose that seriously suggests that they are racist.  How could that be?  Actually they've been racists since the beginning.  They have just been doing a fairly good job of lying about it since about 1964 and pretending to be the source of the Civil Rights Bill.  Unfortunately too many people who don't bother checking history actually believe them.  Lying works!  The DemonRATS are the proof!

I know you don't like me using the term DemonRATS ... well tough.  When they start acting like something other than demon rats I'll start calling them something less, well, less demonic.  They have a long way to go to get to human.  They have lied too much, betrayed too many, and caused too much destruction for me to change my mind about them easily.

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