Friday, October 18, 2013

How Do You Tell If The Republic Is Dead?

SEE HERE Are we dead already and just don't know it?  You have to wonder at the antics in Washington.  If any family business were run as incompetently as the United States government it would have to close.  But then the average family business doesn't print the money and have the ability to extort money from their customers (the citizens).  So I guess we are just thoroughly screwed.

We're supposed to have checks and balances which you might know about if you'd been in school long enough ago that they were still teaching about it.  But those checks and balances have been undermined by an Executive branch that thumbs its nose at the Constitution and has cover by a collaborative Senate and a demonizing press that they have in their hip pockets.

The fight against ObamaCare, a usurpation of 17% of the economy and a law whose only function seems to make things more expensive and pretend that they are helping people, has failed to gain traction despite the vast majority of Americans being against it and generally happy with the health care they had which is now being stripped from them in many cases.  Since when is it government's function to wipe our noses, control our health care, dictate what we buy and not buy be it light bulbs or coal.

I wish more of my fellow Americans were showing something like awareness of how dictatorial this all is.  They'll figure it out eventually because the current course is unsustainable.  I just hope it isn't too late.

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