Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Did The Spanish Kick The Muslims Out Of Spain?

SEE HERE The reality of Islam is that it does not recognize the sovereignty of any government, only the law (Sharia) of Allah. Thus Muslims don't regard themselves as bound by any other law. How far do things have to go before we recognize what Spain recognized so long ago? Muslims can only be at peace in a country that is 100% Muslim. That means that they are a clear and present danger in any other country especially as they grow in numbers. If you don't believe this then a simple correlation of Muslim violence with the percentage of Muslim population should dissuade you. Of course even if they are all Muslims the Shia and Sunni don't get along and seem to enjoy killing one another (DIFFERENCES) The reality is that Christians and Jews are relegated to inferior status and are often mistreated and even killed at the whim of the ruling Muslims.

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