Monday, July 1, 2013

The Narrative Trumps The Truth But The Truth Will Set You Free

SEE HERE  We live in a lie saturated world.  Everything has become agenda driven and tainted.  The underlying truth of things is no longer what is at issue.  Instead we have to listen as the narrative twists and turns and circles the point that has to be driven home like a stake through the heart of the vampire which lies prostrate on the floor with a clove of garlic in his mouth.  (You have to pardon me I was just watching an Inspector Lewis episode with a murder like that.)

There is a rumor that truth exists.  It used to be well attested but today it has become something more like a tale told by idiots full of sound and fury signifying nothing.  Instead the agenda rises to the top floating on an ocean of scum and the truth is hidden in a tissue of lies and buried a treasure to be discovered only when the agenda has been fulfilled.

Lies are what journalists these days provide.  They are not always clever lies.  Indeed they are not always clever journalists, but the agenda has supplanted the truth.  The truth appears on all accounts to be that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman without any provocation other than his own feverish imagination.  Moreover he apparently attacked him after returning home while Zimmerman was walking back to his vehicle.  The "journalists" have been spinning this up into a race war with essentially no facts to support such an agenda.  It's what they do.  Increasingly it is what everybody is doing.  It is unhealthy.  It destroys the fabric of society like a corrosive acid dripping into every cranny until the whole thing falls apart.  Perhaps we should start paying more attention to who might benefit if the agenda is successful.

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