Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tyranny Rising!

Recent activities on the part of the Obama administration in the face of the infamous (how horrible) "shutdown" that no-one would notice much except the furloughed federal workers except that the administration to make sure everyone is maximally inconvenienced (it's called malicious thuggery in my view) is spending more money than necessary to accomplish nothing but try to make people think the shutdown is some big deal.  A BIT MORE

Shutting down National Parks (gee I guess they're not feeding the deer or what?), making sure that national monuments that don't normally have anyone guarding them have to be cordoned off so people can't go up to them, telling priests and ministers that they can say mass or hold services for the military, and on and on -- even shutting down access to the ocean.  What is any of this but Kabuki political theater run by thugs who are totalitarians at heart.  Frankly I can get along pretty well without the Federal government.  They do owe me social security checks for the many dollars they took from me and my employer that I could have invested and had a bigger return that they now act as if they're doing me a favor when they pay me back in dollars worth far less than the dollars I paid in.  Below ... How tyranny often works.  Hitler and Austria.

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