Sunday, December 8, 2013

Did I Mention? — Scum Floats To The Surface Even In Political Discourse

SEE HERE  I don't remember if I put this up before but it's worth a second look if I did.  It is important to understand the sheer hypocrisy of liberals.  It isn't so much that they lie when their lips are moving as that "lie" is not really the right word.  A liberal doesn't mean anything when he speaks except that he wants you to continue to sustain him or her in power.  They don't really stand for anything but that.  So they tell you what they think you want to hear.  When I lived in Minnesota I was told that when Hubert Humphrey worked a room he told everyone he encountered in the room what they wanted to hear whether it contradicted what he had just told the earlier person or not.  It's called schmoozing by some but prevarication or lying is a rather more direct summary.  It's what they do.  You should never trust a liberal because there isn't anything there to trust, only the lust for power and control which is most similar to demonic possession.

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