Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dow to 20,000 or A Coming Collapse ... Flip A Coin

SEE HERE  I always find the never ending economic soothsaying that goes on about where the stock market is going to be fascinating.  The stock market is a proxie for the economy of course, or so people imagine.  When it goes up the economic picture is rosie and when it goes down things are not so good.  The pension funds of millions ride the stock market as do the savings and investment hopes of a great many.  The fact that the government trifles with the economy creating ever increasing debt as if there are no consequences is an example of the irresponsible nature of our leaders.  Here 14 experts say we have a problem.  I thought it was ironic because I had just read that other tea leaf readers were expecting the Dow to reach 20,000 —  I wonder if that is just before the crash?

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