Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deja Vu We've Seen This All Before ... Can We Get Out Of The Loop?

SEE HERE  Sure a Republican Senate would be a great start.  But we've been here before and while we've practiced a little containment, a little ball control, kept the other side's score down a mite, we always seem to end up incrementing the government larger and the potential for tyranny and a tipping point closer.  We need to do a lot more than that.  We need to restoration of principle or we'll just be gamed, gulled, and defeated in the long run.  We not only need to win the Senate and the House and the White House but we need to win with the right kind of people, those committed to more than their own selfish self-interest.  Failing that it will be just another spin of the old deja vu record we've all seen before.

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