Sunday, December 15, 2013

In Case You're Worried

SEE HERE  I really don't know what this is all about ... the 72 hour bug-out bag ... three days and you're done?  What?  Maybe that gives you the time to sort things out in the event of a catastrophic event of some kind, but what exactly are we bugging out about.  We shall see of course, but I've never seen so many people so concerned about catastrophic events happening.  Is it really that bad or are we over reacting?  I have friends on both ends of that spectrum.  The conspiracy buffs are convinced that the end is near and the nothing out of the ordinary is happening folks are moving on in total bliss and ignorance.  Me ... I'm a bit worried but not sure if it's a catastrophic event to worry about or a government managed crisis to impose martial law.  Perhaps the end is near, and perhaps it's not.  I don't have a clue but I do think that things have been more weird in the past few years than I can remember ever before.

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