Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Culture War? The Liberals Project Their Own Corruption Onto Others

SEE HERE  Mostly I just want to be left alone by government.  I don't want to be told what lightbulbs to buy or what food should be on my table or any of a lot of other sheer invasions of my personal space and rights.  I certainly don't want to have the immorality of the left imposed on me or my employer as if the sacrament of abortion or the hatred for human life that is implied by pervasive birth control is somehow an obligation of mine to pay for.  So government and liberals, "Butt out!"  You are a bunch of immoral creeps whose only saving grace is that you are still marginally human so there is some hope for you, but not as you are, but as you could become.  Get some virtue.  It's available by exerting a little effort.  You can do it just stop with the government dependency schtick because it will kill you in the end.  The government doesn't care about you.  You are just a tool like everyone else, to obtain power and control.  Stop the train wreck!

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