Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who Are The Biggest Liars? Democrats or Republicans ... Is This A Trick Question?

SEE HERE  I'm not sure you can trust any politicians.  They tell you one thing and do another.  The claim to stand for principles and in almost the next moment violate the very principle they said they supported.  I've always like Joseph Sobran's classification system.  The Democrats are the evil party and the Republicans are the stupid party.  Democrats never lie but they never tell the truth so they always lie.  The point being that Democrats don't think there is anything called 'truth' only perceptions and these change.  They always want to be perceived as empathetic, caring, generous, and all those other good things when all they really care about is power and control.

By contrast Republicans actually do have principles but they think they have to compromise to get along to go along and that when dealing with Democrats they have to accommodate their political rivals.  Accommodation means in practice surrender as if you can ever get anything real from a Democrat.  The elder Bush tried to make a deal.  He was always a great accommodater and this deal was to raise taxes in return for spending cuts.  He discovered as so often Republicans do, to their feigned surprise, that Democrats never keep a deal.  It's always cake now work later but later never comes.  They're both unreliable but for different reasons.  Democrats are just liars but are actually more predictable than Republicans.  Republicans just never seem to learn and are hugely susceptible to being gamed by Democrats which is why Sobran called them "stupid."

It's still not hard to make a decision between stupid and evil but both seem to lead to bad places.  Can we restart this game?  It's time for a big change.

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