Saturday, December 7, 2013

Take Down The Phonies And The RINOs — Integrity Counts Not The Smoozing With Liberals Republican Conciliators

SEE HERE  I've had it with people who lie to me all the time.  So that means all the Democrats who change their stories faster than a chameleon changes its camouflage.  But the Democrats are the only one.  They're liars but they are predictable and fairly consistent liars, but the Republican establishment "go along to get along" RINO Republican Establishment folks are worse.  They pretend to be on your side and then stab you in the back.  That kind of betrayal should not be tolerated. 

They all need to go in 2014 ... period.  Out!  No excuses ... Out!  And we need to start demanding that our representatives live up to their promises and vote on the basis of clear unequivocal principles and if they don't then "Out" —  If we do that then over time we will once more have statesmen in our assemblies.  Failing that we will continue to have scheming climbers who are phonies to the core. 

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