Monday, December 23, 2013

Mordor On The March — The Ravenous Evil Of The Left

SEE HERE  Seems like a good time to talk about Orcs ... the liberal left progressive collectivists are the Orcs of our world.  Sauron never sleeps nor is he merciful.  We live in a time of degradation and lack of morals, honor, duty, respect for the permanent things as Russell Kirk called them.  All truth characterizes what is actually the way things are.  The left doesn't care for truth only perceptions which are a sort of ersatz "truth" cooked up for the occasion.  Each day it changes to reflect the passions of the moment.  The final goal like that of a certain angel is "Non serviam!"  "I will not serve" truth or honor or virtue.  I do not acknowledge duty nor revere honor or God himself.  That is their creed, a solipsistic commitment to themselves.  We are seeing the results in a world wide game of "All fall down now."  

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