Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not On This List? — Then You're Probably Not A Real American

SEE HERE  This list of 72 kinds of people that the government in one document or another thinks are potential terrorists should scare you to death because it's a list of things that you should be supportive of in many cases and things you have a right to disagree about in many others ... let me give you some samples:

(The first two are particularly outrageous since they are directed at the founding documents 1) the Declaration of Independence, and 2) the Constitution of the United States.)

1. Those that talk about “individual liberties”
2. Those that advocate for states’ rights

Oooo... How scary!  This really ought to include all Americans and that's troubling when the government demonizes those who agree with America's founding documents.  But it gets worse since there are 70 more of these kind of outrageous things.

Can't love your own country and believe in American exceptionalism ...  Gee I don't recall Europe defeating Germany or Japan without help ... or defend the South Koreans ... I think we're pretty exceptional and unselfish.

6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”

Let's demonize organizations that take a stand on values ... sure that's the ticket ...

15. Members of the Family Research Council
16. Members of the American Family Association

Some are kind-of repeats in different language ...

46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”

I think the bottom line is that this kind of thinking on the part of the Federal Government is a sign that they are gearing up to make the case that anyone they want to incarcerate is a potential terrorist.  I'd say that this is a sign of who the terrorists really are and it is disquieting.  "Be prepared!" is the Boy Scout motto.  We all ought to be getting concerned about preparation.

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