Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Signs Of A Dying Culture

SEE HERE  I'm sure that this growth in out of control mob violence by black teenagers is a symptom of the lack of connection with the culture of virtue, dedication, duty, and honor that was for so long that mark of America instilled by the founders in the beginning and lying at the heart of their commitment to a Representative Republic.  The culture of entitlement and sloth, of victim-hood and recriminations and mouldering resentment brought about by warehousing millions and pretending it is compassion has this as its payback time.  No doubt we will hear more hand-wringing from those who appear to think that only they have compassion and only their solutions are real.  This is social breakdown on a large scale with the possibility of growing to a massive scale.  Good luck on the future if you buy into the idea that more money thrown into the entitlement pit will solve this kind of problem.  This is despair writ large and brought about by killing hope and that's what liberals do better than anyone else. 

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