Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fear The Government That Fears Your Guns

SEE HERE  Settled Science was in the headline of this story and that always makes me laugh.  Science is never settled.  It's a moving target.  But the evidence is pretty conclusive on this one.  Government is a killer and big government is the biggest killer of all time.  Don't trust me.  Go to the data and see for yourself.  I'm for small government, the smaller the better.  Just enough and no more is my recipe for government.  We have so much more than enough that I used to share a joke I'd heard: "Be thankful that you don't get as much government as you pay for."  It's not so funny any more because I think we're getting to the point of having too much government for survival.  When it gets big enough government becomes a mass murderer.  It's much easier to murder the unarmed than the armed.  To take casualties when you try to murder armed citizens.  Solution: Disarm them!  Yeah, that's the ticket.  It's worked well in the past no doubt it will work equally well in the future.

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