Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Liberal Mind: What There Is Of It!

SEE HERE  I've started a small collection of books lately on the content, or lack thereof, of the Liberal Mind.  It was originally motivated by a quote my FB friend David Appleyard put up drawn from the book "The Liberal Mind" and that motivated me to buy the book and later to buy "The Kindergarden of Eden" another book which characterizes the liberal mind.  The question of course is whether "the liberal mind" is in fact a coherent category. 

All the evidence suggests that liberals, while of course they have minds, don't really use them for much.  They are bought into a wide range of relatively incoherent and inconsistent ideas (which I call 'the mantras') which paint them as all wise and aware of the evil (fill in the blank) who victimize all the less aware. 

It's really a riot when you think about it.  Most of the liberals themselves are quite well off and those that aren't are bought into the mantras of those that are.  But they demonize those who think differently from them and consider themselves superior because they do it.  It really is quite insane.  It's rather fun to play with them and pick off the mantras as they spout them.  In addition they play what I call "the cards" when they have nothing substantive to say which is almost always.  Examples are "racist", "I'm offended", "insensitive", "bigot", "hater", leading up eventually to "Fascist" and "Nazi."  Of course you can't leave out the direct personal attack.  These are all evidence of lack of thought and dishonest discourse.  Don't take them seriously.  I began to understand when I heard the story about William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal at the 1968 Democrat National Convention. 

Vidal called Buckley a "crypto Nazi" while Vidal was defending the North Vietnamese as if the Vietcong were an authentic indigenous revolutionary movement in the South.  Buckley warned him that he wasn't going to take it.  Vidal persisted.  Buckley called him "...a queer" and punched him.  Later Buckley was accosted by a young reporter who asked him how he could call Vidal such a thing and Buckley replied something to the effect, "... you heard what he called me didn't you?" and the young report dismissed it as political and said "But what you said was personal."  Now if you don't understand why this is incoherent you might have liberal tendencies.  It was an illumination in the vacuity of the liberal mind for me.

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