Thursday, December 12, 2013

Popes And The Free Market

SEE HERE  I don't intend to weigh in on the pope's first papal Apostolic Exhortation HERE but it certainly has ruffled some feathers whether due to bad translation or due to implications that suggest that popes are not very good at economics which is not all that unlikely.  It should be remembered by those on the left who are celebrating what they see as anti-capitalist remarks that the Church has long since condemned socialism as a breach of human rights and against the Natural Law so if he's condemning rapacious Capitalism, i.e. the kind that is motivated by greed and suppression of workers, then that's just fine.  It needs condemning.  But of course the usual suspects, the liberals, only operate on the extreme margins of ideas so any condemnation of a part is seen as a condemnation of the whole unless of course it is their pet Socialism as a step towards full-blooded Communism.  Meanwhile I'll watch the fireworks from the sidelines.  The pope is not a hero to the left and the pope bashing will soon begin.

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