Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let me take what you have and give it to someone else ... it's just because I say so ... Got that?

SEE HERE  Reich on the "justice" of income redistribution ... I guess the argument is that some bureaucrat somewhere is going to decide if you have a right to keep what you've earned or if government should just take it to buy votes.  Don't kid yourself ... that is what it is really about.  Life is tough and the rich didn't get rich by sitting around on their duffs.  Sure there are some rich people who are rich because their daddys or grandaddies didn't sit around on their duffs so now they can, but the money was earned.  The lunatics on the left mostly earn their money by running their mouths or their pens and not be doing any work most of us would recognize.  But they can tell us all how to live.  It's what they do.

"All that needs to be decided is by whose morality we want to be governed: a morality that is rooted and grounded in absolute truth or one that is guided by whatever political winds seem to be prevalent at the time."

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