Monday, July 1, 2013

Of Course Obama's A Communist: Always Has Been And His Mother And Grandparents Before Him

SEE HERE  I suppose there are those who simply are in denial.  Barack Obama is a communist.  He's declared as much any number of times and the least effort digging into his past shows that not only is he one but his family is, his mentors are, and he's always sought out comradeship from fellow communists.  So why is the left so diligent in not mentioning this quite obvious and pervasive fact?  They must think that there are still people who find that connection unacceptable.  Facts are fact though and he's probably a Muslim and certainly engaged in an effort to support the Muslim desire to reestablish the Caliphate.  Just follow the money and monitor the actions.  Listening to what he says is simply misleading since all he does is lie and lie and lie.  He doesn't even put any effort into making his lies consistent or non-contradictory.  Just how gulled can you get?  It's simply amazing.

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