Sunday, May 9, 2010

12% of NSF Salute AGW ... That Must Be the Concensus

SEE HERE This is a bit of a summary of the letter supporting global warming alarmists in Science on May 6th. I looked at the list of points they made and most of them are just laughably wrong. But what was really interesting about this web page was the audio which was a continuous speech text reader which really sounded pretty good. It reads with reasonable inflections and sounds almost like a person. So if you're not all that interested in the global warming nonsense you can still get a kick out of the automatic text reader up in the upper left hand corner.

If you read the letter you'll find five points. I think all are demonstrably wrong in whole or in part. The only one I'd not seen before was the one that said that carbon dioxide was making the ocean acidic. CHECK HERE

It seems that there is a whole subgroup of scientists that like to engage in gloom and doom predictions. I suppose it beats doing real science. It gets you a lot more attention. Real science is about careful measurements and experiments to confirm theoretical statements. Phony science is generally a veneer of true science following by exaggerated predictions of calamity.

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